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Schools, Libraries, Churches and Businesses

Thank you for shopping locally. We appreciate your efforts to keep your money in your community.

Chapters offers a 20% discount (often more for multiple copies of the same title) on purchases by churches, libraries, schools, and other non-profits. If you are a for-profit business and would like to purchase multiple copies of a title, we will work with you on pricing. You will find our prices competitive with other bookstores and distributors. We understand you often need a cost estimate before ordering. It’s very helpful if you can supply the following information:

  • Title of book & author
  • Number of copies needed
  • Preference for hardcover or paperback
  • If a particular edition is needed (the ISBN is useful)

We also provide informational talks to your employees at your business or in small groups at Chapters. Contact us if you have an idea.

See our Book Fair Information page for information on hosting a fundraiser.