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The Chimpansneeze (Hiccupotamus and Friends #2)

The Chimpansneeze (Hiccupotamus and Friends #2)

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Publication Date: November 14th, 2023
Two Lions
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A chimp's big sneeze wreaks hilarious havoc in this delightful companion book to the Amazon bestseller The Hiccupotamus.

A chimpanzee and a kinkajou took a walk one day through the wild. The kinkajou spotted buttercups, so he plucked them up and smiled. But when the chimp takes a big sniff of those buttercups...Ahhh-CHOO The giant ChimpanSNEEZE sends the kinkajou flying, causing a chain of disasters for all their animal buddies. Can the kinkajou find his way back to his chimpanzee friend?

Author-illustrator Aaron Zenz has done it again with this zany, rhyming read-aloud that's perfect for family story time.

Revised edition: This edition of The Chimpansneeze includes editorial revisions.