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Animal Climate Heroes

Animal Climate Heroes

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Publication Date: March 5th, 2024
Godwin Books
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In our left corner we have the meanest villain that’s ever existed. Responsible for rising seas and loss of biodiversity, it’s climate change ready to wreak havoc on the Earth. But in our right corner? We have four superheroes ready to save the day!

Forest elephants protect our forests by trampling trees.

Whales boost ocean health with their massive poo-nados.

Sea otters defend kelp forests from purple invaders.

And echidnas bury tons of soil to stop climate change.

But we can’t leave them in this fight alone. We need to protect our heroes who, in return, defend our planet. Get ready to learn all about these four legged, and two-flippered, creatures and how YOU can be a climate hero too!

About the Author

Alison Pearce Stevens is a former scientist who writes award-winning nonfiction books for the world's most curious people to inspire them to protect the world outside their doorstep. She is the author of Junior Library Guild Gold Standard books Rhinos in Nebraska: The Amazing Discovery of the Ashfall Fossil Beds (which won the Nebraska Book Award in three categories) and Animal Climate Heroes (March 5, 2024). She co-authored National Geographic Kids Books’ 5,000 Awesome Facts 3 and three books in their Weird But True series and has published hundreds of STEM-based magazine and online articles for kids.

Jason Ford is a London based illustrator who works regularly for a variety of magazines and newspapers including the New York Magazine, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and The Los Angeles Times. Jason has also illustrated several books and products for children. He's well known for his bright, dynamic cartoons full of visual humor for viewers to delight in.

Praise for Animal Climate Heroes

"A lively and informative look at climate change in a unique way—through the lens of how animals help keep our planet healthy. Curious kids will love this book!"—Jennifer Swanson, award-winning podcaster and author of 50 STEM books for kids.

"Animal Climate Heroes is a captivating exploration of the Earth's unsung champions in the battle against climate change. In this riveting narrative, author Alison Pearce Stevens introduces readers to four remarkable creatures who stand as mighty defenders of our planet's delicate ecosystems. Each chapter is masterfully woven together through scientific insight with engaging storytelling, making complex ecological concepts accessible and intriguing for young readers. Not only will readers walk away informed, but they will also be inspired to take action to help safeguard our planet! Animal Climate Heroes truly promises to be an indispensable resource for curious minds eager to make a difference in the world outside their doorstep."— Melissa Cristina Marquez, author of Mother of Sharks and Wild Survival

"Along with explaining sometimes complex ecological cycles and patterns in easy-to-understand terms, the author highlights the role of microbes in decomposition, extolling the benefits of composting and leaving autumn leaves on the ground; she even describes the eco-devastation wrought by artificial lawn fertilizers and free-roaming cats. Ford’s engagingly informal ink-and-wash portraits and diagrams generally come with helpful captions and labels."—Booklist

"Fun and fascinating! Animal Climate Heroes gives readers an inspiring look at what earth’s creatures are doing to help fight climate change, but also gives us a compelling reminder of just how amazing our planet really is—and why we ought to protect it. This book belongs on every animal lover’s shelf!"—Jess Keating, author of Shark Lady